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Jebsen Beer believes that beer is to be enjoyed responsibly by individuals of legal drinking age. Working closely with brewing partners, trade customers, government authorities and other stakeholders, Jebsen Beer aims to be actively involved in programmes and solutions that address a wide range of alcohol issues. It is by working together that the industry as a whole can make a difference.

As an example, to help promote responsible use, Jebsen Beer is a major supporter of the industry initiative which teams up the industry with the government, via the Hong Kong Road Safety Council, to launch a safe driving programme that reinforces the need to refrain from driving if consuming alcohol. Jebsen Beer’s financial contribution is broadened by actively placing stickers in bars and restaurants at the point of consumption.

Jebsen Beer also holds regular dialogue with staff reinforcing the need for the team to act responsibly, particularly when it comes to driving. The point is driven home by ensuring that all staff members on duty at company events enjoy the company-funded option of using some form of public transportation as means to get home.


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